Connect with nature in Osona’s natural areas
During the week, we can’t get a moment’s peace: working, running errands, the kids, cleaning... everything needs our attention and makes us feel like we can't rest for even a minute.
However, at the weekend things change, the world comes to a halt and we can enjoy those things we like most: being with our family, meeting friends and getting out of the city to rediscover ourselves in nature. There are few things as pleasurable as walking the lost trails of a forest, admiring the countryside from the top of a hill or exploring the secret nooks and crannies of the land. You can find all of this in the region of Osona. Miles and miles of natural places await us so that we can rest and connect with nature.

Osona has a variety of different protected areas, thanks to the wealth of its ecosystems: the Montseny Nature Reserve , the  Castell de Montesquiu Park and Les Guilleries-Savassona Nature Reserve. The Montseny Nature Reserve is located in the highest Massif in the Catalan pre-coastal mountain range, and covers an area of 30,120 hectares distributed among eighteen municipalities, of which three, Viladrau, el Brull and Seva, form a part of Osona. The reserve receives a large number of visitors, both due to the easy access and to the attraction of its natural and cultural values.

The Parc de Castell de Montesquiu is located in Bisaura, a sparsely populated area surrounded by nature in its purest form. The main attraction of Bisaura lies in the beauty of its natural landscapes: forests full of pine, beech and oak trees, Castell de Montesquiu park or the green fields where it is still possible to sleep under the shade of a pine tree. However, if you are looking for a stunning natural setting, and above all one that is very recognisable, Guilleries-Savassona Nature Area is just the place. This area embraces the Sau reservoir and the Valley of Vilanova, and with an area of 8,370 hectares it has the quality of having maintained the harmony between its natural conditions and its transformation to allow for human activity. This area includes three physically distinct parts: Les Guilleries, Savassona and El Collsacabra. The landscape of woodland dotted with fields and plantations, the bare rocky crags and the Sau reservoir with its area of influence are of special interest.

Beyond the diverse natural areas, the region of Osona is recognisable by the foggy Plain of Vic, green in spring and golden with cereal crops in summer, strewn with many hills and undulations and perfect for gentle outings with the kids. Whatever your plan, Osona will give you the best of welcomes!


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