Visit Osona’s producers with the "Welcome to the Farm" campaign
Osona is participating in the campaign for the third consecutive year, and provides you with an opportunity to visit 12 companies so that you can sample the best the farmers have to offer.
The weekend of the 9th and 10th of June 2018 the “Welcome to the Farm” campaign will take place, where hundreds of agri-food producers from all over Catalonia will open their doors for everyone who wants to visit them and discover their secrets.

Dairy products and cheeses are one of the most important agri-food industries for small producers, and in Osona we have a long tradition and representation. At Betara, which has won two World Cheese Awards, they have 200 organically-fed sheep with which they make their cheeses, and you can visit these in Sant Boi de Lluçanès. To taste raw goat's milk cheese you can also head to Formatges d’Espinelves, a family farm with 100 goats of a Murcia-Granada breed, or to Formatges de Lluçà for raw milk cheeses made with milk from their own herd of Pyrenean goats grazing every day on the forested slopes of the Merlès valley. In addition if you’d like to learn about the production process for the various dairy products, at Granja Comas they have been producing yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, ricotta flans and milkshakes since 1920, following the traditional recipes and methods.

Yet the region is also known for the quality of its meat products: sausages, beef, chickens, etc. You can learn about life on the farm at La Rocassa, they are producers of farm-raised pigs and chickens, beef cattle, sheep and "calçots", or at Collfred, that produces and sells traditional farmhouse meats and sausages and dishes prepared according to grandmother’s recipes. Moreover, at Pollastres Ecològics La Riera they raise quality chickens living in a natural setting in a henhouse and surrounded by a large grass courtyard where they can peck, run about and enjoy a free-range environment.

If you’d like to know how they work on the family farms that are typical of the region, we offer three options: El Rebost de les Gambires where you will find chicken meat, eggs, pork, beef and vegetables grown in their market gardens, el Soler de N’Hug where they have some 50 sows with fattening piglets, keep a herd of 800 meat-producing sheep and milk some 60 dairy cows, or Les Basses where they produce products such as cold beef slices or chopped beef with roasted vegetables.

In addition, you can also visit the Chestnut Preparation Centre, where they teach youngsters all about chestnuts and chestnut trees, and Sambucus, where they grow, dry and pack herbs to make herbal teas and condiments.

We look forward to your visit to any of our producers over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of June. Welcome to the farm!

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