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In view of the Ter
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map People from around Folgueroles, Tavèrnoles, Savassona and Roda de Ter have an expression a les envistes del Ter ("in view of the Ter") to indicate the spot where, coming from Folgueroles, the plain rises to meet the summits of the river gorges, where the water meanders from l’Esquerda and where the town of Roda appears crystal clear, stretching on either side of the Ter against the blue background of the Pyrenees in the distance.

"In view of the Ter" is the expression that encapsulates the literary tour that unites the two key places of Folgueroles and Roda as literary locations of Jacint Verdaguer and Miquel Martí i Pol – turned now into "reading spaces" for those who come to see, feel and take in these same landscapes and read some of the poets’ verses. "In view of the Ter" is an imaginary viewpoint about the poetry of these two men who, besides having their roots in the area, live on each day in the literary tourists who follow them, reading and capturing the beauty of their verses and taking on an appreciation for Catalan language and culture.

The "In view of the Ter" tour links, therefore, the life of the poets with their work. It follows the path that runs alongside the Ter and that connects Folgueroles and Roda de Ter, an old path used by workers from Folgueroles to walk to work at the factories in Roda.

The "In view of the Ter" tour is a signposted circular route that can be started at either Folgueroles or Roda de Ter. It is 14 km long and is mostly flat.

Ajuntament de Tavèrnoles    Ajuntament de les Masies de Roda

Parts of the tour:

1. From Folgueroles to Roda de Ter
2. From Roda de Ter to Folgueroles

Parts of the tour
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